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What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Justin is the king of personal branding and helping one reinvent themselves. This guide is a fantastic roadmap for aligning one to their purpose.”
—Jan Strode, President & CEO, CEO Advisors

“Often blunt and always irreverent, Loeber’s energy and humor crackle off the page as he guides his readers on a tough-love journey of self-discovery. His expert advice and candid revelation of his own unconventional path to business success will be inspiring to anyone who finds themselves adrift and wondering what to do next.”
—Jacqueline Deval, VP Publisher, Hearst Books

“No matter where you’re from, Justin Loeber steps into your world and helps you reach your goals!”
—Con Coughlin, Defence Editor and Chief Foreign Affairs Columnist, The Telegraph

“One of the reasons I chose you as my publicists is that you won’t go away! I had three people to interview and you were the fourth. But you just kept showing up wherever we were. You called. And then you called again. You WANTED to work for me and you were always nice, gracious, but determined. So, I chose you after all. Boy, did I make the right decision? You were committed to get me the best PR you could and you worked so hard for what was not an easy project. You are the best and your clients are lucky and smart. And now, that book you worked so hard to publicize will be a movie.”
—Geri Spieler, Author/Reporter