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About the Book

Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life: 10 Steps to Shift Gears, Dream Big, Do it Now!

by Justin Loeber, Foreword by Kris Carr

Do you want to be known as a tremendous talent…or a lazy, unfocused slacker? Whether you’re a Millennial yearning to join corporate America, a Boomer ready for reinvention, a closeted LGBTQ+ testing the gender pool or even a nerd nauseated with perfection, the Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life: 10 Steps to Shift Gears, Dream Big, Do it Now! by Justin Loeber, with a Foreword by New York Times and #1 AmazonBestselling Author Kris Carr, is an in-your-face, funny, no-nonsense, socio-business, coming-of-ageless handbook for anyone who is yearning for true, inner-personal success.

You’ll learn 10 easy steps, such as Work on Your Work Ethic • Own the Power of Thoughtfulness • Find Perfection in Imperfection • Rule Your Planet…and more.

This shebang of a book is based on Loeber’s quirky personal life experiences that all started in the NYC 70s disco era: Justin worked as a waiter, a Wang Word Processing Operator, (remember Wang?), a substitute go-go dancer, was discovered by pop icon Gary Numan in London and was one step from stardom in his own right as a solo pop-recording artist―only to lose it all. Then, in a 180-degree turn―and without a college degree―he went from a temp at Random House to an EVP at HarperCollins in a little more than a decade. In 2006 Loeber created mouth: digital + public relations, a boutique agency in NYC―repping over 550 clients to date.

Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life will give you the courage to:

• Shake down your fear, which is squelching your dream;
• Find the “it” that makes you “tick”;
• Maximize your strengths and conquer your weaknesses;

• Take a Risk, which in the end, isn’t risky after all; and
• Put down the electronics, look up; and transfer from the passenger to the pilot of your life…NOW!


Justin Loeber is a branding and marketing genius. But more than that, he’s a deeply wise and funny sage who isn’t afraid to say it like it is in order to help people rise to their best and brightest selves… The advice you’ll receive is ultimately about living your life to the fullest no matter what you choose to do with it. And the truth is, we all want to shine brightly in our own little universes… You have a treasure in your hands. This little book is filled with wow’s, aha’s and a whole lotta love and wisdom. My advice to you: listen. Take what resonates for a spin and give this one glorious life of yours your all.”
From the Foreword, by Kris Carr, International Wellness Advocate, New York Times and #1 Amazon Bestselling Author
“Enjoy Justin’s contemporary jabber and Millennial lingo but do reach beyond that to see, in its essence, that Get Out of Your Way is a heartfelt and valuable guide, filled with sensitive, meaningful words of wisdom and support for all who read it.”
Peter Yarrow, American Folksinger and Songwriter, Peter, Paul and Mary; Founder, Operation Respect; and co-Author, Puff the Magic Dragon
Often blunt and always irreverent, Loeber’s energy and humor crackle off the page as he guides his readers on a tough-love journey of self-discovery. His expert advice and candid revelation of his own unconventional path to business success will be inspiring to anyone who finds themselves adrift and wondering what to do next.”
Jacqueline Deval, V.P. Publisher, Hearst Books, and Author of Publicize Your Book!, and Reckless Appetites
OMG! Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life is a Millennial manifesto!  Whether you’re a reality star or a loser—it’s time for you to get your act together and read Justin’s book!
Taylor Strecker, Host, SiriusXM Stars Channel 109  “Wake Up with Taylor”
Justin is the king of personal branding and helping one reinvent themselves. This guide is a fantastic roadmap for aligning one to their purpose.”
Jan Strode, President & CEO, CEO Advisors
No matter where you’re from, Justin Loeber steps into your world and helps you reach your goals.”
Con Coughlin, Defense Editor and Chief Foreign Affairs Columnist, The Telegraph; and Author of Saddam:  King of Terror