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When it comes to using words, it seems as if we’re stuck in the Wild Wild West of vernacular.  What’s really disturbing is that the mediocrity of communication consistently gets a major green light from the top. Remember Donald Trump’s infamous “Access Hollywood Bus” rant?  Look, we’re all human, including our president. There are certainly different levels to communication, and in my opinion, using a locker room level of speaking wasn’t the best choice when Trump was in front of a TV host of one of America’s most popular entertainment shows.  However, entertainment is just that.  Politically, we are in a real-life, nearly tragic situation with North Korea; and when Trump lashes out with words like “Fire and Fury,” when speaking about North Korea, the translation across the Globe (and on our shores) instills panic, Mr. Trump should really choose words more wisely.  Reason is, not only is he supposed to protect us globally and domestically, he is supposed to protect us spiritually–all the Tweets, the rants and the dramatic outbursts should be left in the high school backyard.  Remember the EF Hutton commercial where everyone stopped to listen?  The same should hold true with our president.  Takeaway:  When you need to communicate, choose words wisely and effectively, and remember that what you say today might have a (positive or negative) effect in the future.