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It’s no secret that you either believe OJ is guilty or not guilty for killing Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman.  The trial and the plethora of news reports thereafter have given us all we need to know to come to our own personal conclusion.  If you or I were caught in an entangled web ala Simpson, how would we fight for our own justice if we didn’t have the luxury of all the media outreach?  Whether you’re up for parole or walking down the street, we are all judged.  This culture is notorious for wrapping peoples’ lives up as if we were thumbnail pics on a website.  The next time you meet someone for the first time, take your criticism down a notch and be more sensitive.  NEVER judge a book by its cover–look beyond the surface and see a person for who they really are:  guilty, great or angelic.  As far as Simpson:  Please keep him locked up. FOR MORE about FIRST IMPRESSIONS, please pre-order Get Out of Your Own Way:  10 Steps to Shift Gears, Dream Big, Do it Now! (November)