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You could go to a business school and learn something for sure; however, emotionally, there’s NO class in teaching someone to be an entrepreneur, unless there’s a figurative skydiving class!  When you own a company  you have to love the feeling of constant free-fall—because the ebbs and flows of cashflow, of staff turnover, of the overall business climate can get the average Joe crazy! Seriously, you have to have the personality of fireworks, and never accept “no” as an end-game.  When all the stars are aligned, there is no better feeling than owning a business, giving employees a paycheck, and offering something tangible to the consumer.  In my new book coming out in November, Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life (Mango Publishing, November 7th), I help people discover the single most important key to their success:  in work, in love, in life,” and by the end of the book, they’ll know if they are cut out for it!  
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