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Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life: 10 Steps to Shift Gears, Dream Big, Do it Now!

by Justin Loeber, Foreword by Kris Carr


Do you want to be known as a tremendous talent…or a lazy, unfocused slacker? Whether you’re a Millennial yearning to join corporate America, a Boomer ready for reinvention, a closeted LGBTQ+ testing the gender pool or even a nerd nauseated with perfection, the Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life: 10 Steps to Shift Gears, Dream Big, Do it Now! by Justin Loeber, with a Foreword by New York Times and #1 AmazonBestselling Author Kris Carr, is an in-your-face, funny, no-nonsense, socio-business, coming-of-ageless handbook for anyone who is yearning for true, inner-personal success.

Get Out of Your Own Way Guide to Life:  Welcome Video

Thank you for checking out my opening video! I wrote this guide for anyone, Millennials through Boomers, starving for change, reinvention and inspiration. At 33, and without a college degree, I jumped into a new career, and was able to go from a temp to an EVP, head of marketing and PR of a major publisher in a little more than ten years. The book encourages you to shake up your life, find your path and make changes when it’s not working—no matter what age you are.


Step One:  Dream Big!

Dreams can come true if you give them a chance. Don’t listen to the doubters! Dive in and take the first step.

Step Two:  Make a Good First Impression

Going to a job interview in flip-flops, shorts and earbuds? Not appropriate (unless you work at the beach)! Whether you’re looking for a job or going to a party, learn tips and tricks to walk into a room, shake hands, start conversations and focus.

Step Three:  Find Perfection in Imperfection

There will always be those who are smarter, more successful, more attractive. Let go of worrying about (what you think are) your flaws. They might end up being your star qualities.

Step Four: Know Your Sh*t!

Take the self-assessment tests to see if you’re clueless about yourself and the world around you—or if you have your act together.

Step Five:  Own the Power of Thoughtfulness

After the 2016 Presidential election, the way we all speak to each other is abominable. Let’s bring back respect and common courtesy. Saying “please” and “thank you” is a good start.

Step Six:  Learn How to Communicate

You text, she emails, they Snapchat—no one talks the old-school way! Communication is a bumper car of white noise. Put down the electronics and rekindle the art of talking to real humans in real time.

Step Seven:  Reboot

We all seem to be available 24/7—and always stressed out. Take time to disconnect and rest so that when you’re refreshed, you can look at life, love and business with a whole new perspective.

Step Eight:  Work on Your Work Ethic

Millennials have entitlement issues and Boomers worry about getting fired. Here are some secrets to navigating today’s workplace.

Step Nine:  Shift Gears

People have a hard time with change. If you’re stuck in a relationship or a job for way too long, making a 180-degree shift is a great thing.

Step Ten:  Rule Your Planet

It’s time to take inventory. Time ticks and isn’t your best friend. Do you want to be known as a slacker or someone who has taken charge of their life? This is your moment to make it happen.

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Get Out Of Your Own Way Guide To Life

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